The Great Real Estate SHIFT!!!

One of the most simplistic and easy to understand definitions of a market “shift” comes from the Founder of Keller Williams, Gary Keller. He says, “a shift is when buyers and sellers motivations change”. Simple, short, and to the point. For the last two years, buyers and sellers motivations have been pretty clear. Buyers were motivated by historically low rates and sellers were motivated by rapidly accelerating home prices. Remember, home prices typically appreciate 4% per year, historically. What we have been experiencing was simply not sustainable.

Fast forward to today…We have inflation out of control, rising interest rates, and buyers and sellers motivations are less clear. So what does this mean for you? That is the point of this message. We want to have a conversation with you about what this means for you. This is not a market for headlines and hysteria. This is a market of slowing down long enough to formulate an executable plan for you and yours. This is a market for expertise, for compassion and relationships. This is a market of complexity and confusion for most of you who we speak to. Let’s have a conversation. We hope and trust, by the end of the conversation, you will have clarity and empowerment.

Finally, market “shifts” create massive opportunities for those who are savvy enough to look for them. Don’t get fooled by the loudest voice in the room or “bait click” headlines. We want to be the “economist of choice” for you. We are here. We are calm. And we care.


Drew Hopley

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