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Frederick On The Road: New York City!!!

My first trip up to New York City!!! Why did it take so long? Idk… I guess I’ve always used the excuse, It’s so close I can go whenever, and I never did until my incredible wife surprised me with this trip over this past Christmas. The highlight of the trip was perhaps the idea and realization that we can get to NYC within 2.5 hours via Amtrak from Baltimore. All that goodness, just 2.5 hours on the train and one good nap. (With that said, we broke down twice and had to be towed into Philly on the way home… expectations people… expectations!)

Jumping off the train around 11am in the heart of NYC was great. Uber’d straight to our hotel which was incredible btw, ‘Times Square Edition(located right in Times Square). First time seeing Time Square it was in the middle of the afternoon, I didn’t feel impressed. It wasn’t until that evening heading to our first show ‘SIX’ that I was truly floored with Times Square. Seeing the ad’s, the billboards, all of it… loomin over you. It felt like mid afternoon with how much light was there. I’ve been to Vegas 2x, and it just didn’t compare and prepare me for times square at night. You could truly feel the energy!!

Besides never going to New York City before this trip, I am a huge Hugh Jackman fan. (GUILTY!!) If you are not aware, Hugh Jackman is starring in The Music Man which is new to Broadway and was right around the corner from where we were staying. That was scheduled for Saturday, however after grabbing some lunch on Friday (our first day there) we looked on and found tickets that night for SIX and then CHICAGO on Sunday. One show per night sounds pretty awesome to me. Seeing a show every night helped put the remaining days into perspective. It not only gave us something to look forward to every night, it forced us to really plan out the rest of the weekend hour by hour so we were back in time to freshen up for the show (yes Tate, Freshen up and get ready for the show…. hater!!). I will admit, our first day there was a little frustrating… we didn’t really plan that weekend out like we normally do other than the show and our hotel. Imagine having no plan and then the next thing you know, its mid-afternoon and you’re in times square for the first time lol. I felt like I just got dropped off at college and my parents left me again… where the hell was I? What now? Where should we go? Do we walk, do we uber? Thankfully, once we did plan to see SIX that night, we got serious over some drinks and quickly planned it all out.

When we arrived to see Six on Friday night, we jump in line and noticed three black SUV’s to our left. Turn around and the Gov. of New York is right behind us getting photos with her staff. (They had a separate entrance). She was onsite to welcome guests back to Broadway and to thank everyone for showing up to support. She gave this incredible speech on stage before the show started and ended with “…coming back from COVID, this will be the greatest come back in New York History.” The theatre erupted in cheers and claps, and I couldn’t help myself to do the same. I felt like I lived there and was excited for New York, yet I’ve only been here for eight hours lol.

That wasn’t our only time seeing some well-known people. After a morning deliciously filled up by Serendipity coffee and food (you must go) we spent the afternoon walking central park in the snow (yes, it snowed while we were walking in central park. Alanna was living out her best hallmark life) and exploring northwest Manhattan. Central Park was awesome! Keep in mind, my only experience with Central Park was on HBO shows where someone important wearing a suit is meeting someone else even more important where jogging clothes on a bench where they hand each other important docs or they talk to each other like no one is watching. Well… I was watching and I was looking for it. Is that weird? Probably. Taking our time coming back from the park, grabbing a beer, walking past Radio City Hall and Rockefeller Center, we were able to make it back in time to get ready for dinner. That night, we ate and had this amazing dinner at ‘Osteria La Baia’. This was recommended to us by our team at the Hotel. Located right in Manhattan, it turns out this is the mayors favorite dining spot, as he was sitting a few tables away from us having a great time with A-Rod himself. Once we saw A-Rod, I panicked and had to review the menu prices again. Normal prices… PHEW!!!

The following day was much of the same minus celebrity encounters. Lunch at Johns of Bleeker (IYKYK) and I must say the pizza was a solid 8.9. Sorry El Presidente!! From there we were able to explore the World Trade Center memorial which was super powerful… thank you to everyone who recommended this stop. From there, we cabbed up a bit and were able to experience the High Line which was great! To finish this afternoon off, we stopped along our way back in Greenwich Village and tasted incredible cocktails from Anton’s and Entwine.

Let me cap this, because I am now realizing that there isn’t enough time or paper to describe what ones first trip to NYC is like. I haven’t been able to even talk hanging with Al Roker and a freezing cold morning waiting hours on the Today Show set (I didn’t dress properly and I hurting lol). I am so happy to chat even more about NYC. I can’t wait to go back! Having the train in Baltimore makes NYC feel so much more reachable and accessible. Give me a call, I want to hear about your NYC experience and obviously I am open to sharing so much more about mine!!

Until next time 😊


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