Frederick On The Road!! - Living Myrtle Beach

We were so happy to have two of our best head off with their families to Myrtle Beach for a much deserved summer getaway. Hear all about Erik & Melanie #LivingMyrtleBeach below.

Erik Williams

Ana and I love the beach, it is without a doubt our happy place. Just put us in some sand in front of the ocean and we would be there all day! This year, we were extremely blessed to be able to tag along with Ana’s family (her mom, dad, brother, and sister) for a vacation to Myrtle Beach. It was much needed time spent with family and satisfied Ana and I’s beach craving…for now. There is so much to do in Myrtle Beach; shopping, beaches, water sports, putt-putt, sightseeing, amazing food, and golf just to name a few. We spent a total of eight days there but it felt like we could have stayed so much longer. Ana’s entire family loves the beach as well, so with the beautiful weather that we were blessed with we were able to go to the beach every single day. Our daily routine looked something like this – wake up early and head to the beach, go to dinner in the early afternoon, hit up some shops or attractions, and top off the night with putt-putt and ice cream/Krispy Kreme donuts. (Side note - Ana’s family gets very competitive, so I am very proud to say that Ana and I won our team putt-putt match against the rest of the family lol). We were also able to go to one of our favorite spots in that area, Murrell’s Inlet. It is a beautiful spot with some waterfront restaurants and amazing views (not to mention the sunsets!). Myrtle Beach is also known for being the golf capital of the east coast, and for you those of you who know me, it should come as no surprise that I was able to sneak out and play a few rounds during our trip. My father-in-law, Barry, and brother-in-law, Isaac, are also golfers so it was nice to get out and spend some quality time with them.

On our final day of vacation, Ana and I decided to take a quick detour on our way home and explore Bald Head Island in North Carolina. For those of you who have never been, or never heard of BHI, you are missing out! For starters, the only way to get to BHI is by a scenic ferry boat ride, so you start off the excursion by taking a 30 minute boat ride to the marina of BHI – so cool! Once you get to the island you are surrounded by breathtaking views everywhere you look - beautiful marshlands, gorgeous beach front homes, ocean views, lighthouses, and wildlife. We rented a golf cart (since there are no residential vehicles allowed on the island) and could have spent all day driving around the island – it is that big! They had a golf course, shops, a grocery store, and even restaurants. It really is like the resident’s own little world. I think what impressed us the most though was the amount of beachfront homes and number of beachfront lots for sale. It definitely got us thinking about our aspirations for a beachfront home one day, and how amazing it would be to own a home on a private island!

Overall, it was just great to spend time with our family and each other. It was a much needed break from the every day grind and we are super thankful and blessed that we had the opportunity to do it.

Melanie Midkiff

My family and I travel to N Myrtle Beach, SC every year as our summer family vacation. This year was no different. We have been anticipating our week long getaway for a year now since our last visit. We all piled in the car at 3am to start our long 7 hour journey. While the kids slept, we took in the quiet ride, anxious to arrive. We stopped at our yearly spot (Chik-Fil-A) in Wilson, NC for breakfast and to stretch our legs. We were back in the car to continue our travels.

The ocean smell and breeze hit us as we entered N Myrtle Beach at 10am that morning. The kids were awake and we couldn’t wait to get our feet in the sand! We unloaded the car and set up shop on the beach. We built sand castles, played ball, swam and just enjoyed time together on our first day there.

We have the same plan, every year. We cook in at the beach house 4 nights a week and go out for 3. We celebrate my birthday there every year so of course that is one of our dinner outings. We went to Little River, Crab Catchers as we do every year. Lets just say, mother nature dumped on us. It poured! But we didn’t let that stop us. We enjoyed our delicious seafood under a tiny canopy shoulder to shoulder. It was a memory will we hold forever.

We continued going to the beach every day, all day like working hours (replacing work with the beach 😊). That is our happy place! We walked downtown, got ice cream, shopped and took in the sites. After we were done our nightly outings, we settled in at the beach house for intense family Mario Party games. Fishing is also a huge part of our life. So, we went night fishing too! This time, we caught a tiny baby shark! He was an attraction to say the least! We freed him and kept on fishing with great success. It wasn’t until the second to last day on the beach that the tide had gone out so fast, it trapped 3 4ft black fin sharks close to shore. Talk about a scare! They didn’t want to be there just as much as we didn’t want them there. We were in their home so we respected them and waited their departure. After about an hour, they were back out into the deep blue ocean and the kids were back in the water (to their ankles 😊).

Our final day, we went to the beach, enjoyed a long day there and set out for our family mini-golf competition. Now, when I tell you my family is competitive, we compete on just about everything we do. From betting on the grocery bill to running up the stairs. Its all-in fun. We went to Dinosaur Adventure Golf, took pictures with the giant Dinosaurs and put-putted our hearts out! When the competition was over, we went to get ice-cream and headed back to pack up and end our vacation.

Spending quality time with my family means EVERYTHING to me. Being able to go away for a week to a family vacation home is truly a blessing and we are so grateful. I couldn’t have taken this trip without my amazing team members here at Live Frederick . Sell Frederick who continuously support me and encourage me to be the best person I can be. Also, to my amazing fiancés family for accepting me as their own and opening their beach house to us.

Us being able to take our kids and make memories and for them to love it the way we do makes it all worth it. One day, they will be taking their families and for generations to come thereafter.

Until next year N Myrtle beach house!


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