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Frederick On The Road: Happy New Year in Dominican Republic

In 2019, my wife and I (Cory & Alanna) visited Savannah, GA… you know, before the world went off the rails. It was shortly after that trip that we made a commitment to each other that every New Year we would try to bring it in on an Island somewhere. Somewhere far away from computers and phones, far away from the rush of numbers and goal setting. This is why we decided on the New Year to travel. It’s such a good break and a very calm and relaxing way to bring in any new year. This year, we chose Dominican Republic. Specifically speaking, it was Sanctuary Cap Cana Resort (a location we thought about getting married at six years ago) to kick off our new tradition (someone remind me of this tradition if we ever have kids lol). Dominican Republic is a fantastic destination with plenty of resorts to choose from ranging from family resorts to couples only. Sanctuary Cap Cana was a really cool place! It’s actually located inside a newly formed town called Cap Cana (it’s massive!). Plenty of resorts, golf courses, and things to do inside Cap Cana without ever having to leave.

We went with a pair of friends and decided to get our own villa while there. It was perfect! It was away from the pools and the crowded beach. Each couple had their own King suite along with our own private pool and terrace to relax and enjoy. The resort itself was beautiful, however there were some things lacking such as customer service and bars. Weather? Ideal. 85-ish and sunny all seven days. You really couldn’t have asked for a better weather report. We wished the water was a bit warmer, but when you’re on an island and your father back home is getting 12 inches of snow, all the complaints go out the window.

Golf? You betcha. And it was a spiritual experience, too. Corales (PGA event will be played here on March 24th) and Punta Espada Golf Course exceeded every expectation. Albeit extremely challenging, the views make even the worst round the best round. Not saying I had bad rounds; I played quite well.

That’s pretty much it. This was a vacation and not much to talk, and the best thing about it was the fact that before the rush of 2022 happens, we were able to reset and recharge. I would recommend anyone and everyone to do the same if you can. Whether it’s over New Years or it’s just a random weekend getaway. Taking time for YOU is super important, and if we can do anything to help you achieve that, please let us know!!



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