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Frederick On The Road: Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Arkansas. Yes Arkansas! Alanna and I just got back from a long weekend in Eureka Springs, Arkansas along with my parents. The reason for visiting Eureka Springs aside from its mountain side beauty is the hotel known as The Crescent Hotel which is widely known as one the counties most haunted hotels. The Crescent Hotel is one of many pulls to visit Eureka Springs. Many people either driving through Eureka Spring or staying somewhere else, would still make the trip to the top of the mountain to walk thru the main lobby, and take part in the either the ghost tours, eating and enjoying fantastic cocktail's at the 4th floor restaurant overlooking the valley, or perhaps a day at the spa!! Yes, all of that in one of the most haunted hotels…. So, what was it like? It’s really hard to explain. This was perhaps one of the most ‘unique’ experiences I’ve even done. The reason I say that was for a few reasons:

1. The hotel is haunted

2. We had 2 interesting things happen while at the hotel in terms of ghostly spirits… both in the early hours of the morning (2-4am)…. No thank you!!!

3. From the second you enter the property its treated not as a haunted experience, yet a really nice resort!

a. Spa

b. Restaurant

c. Sky Bar

d. Outdoor activities and live music and so on..

4. The Condition of the hotel was…… well not the best! Yet, its treated like a ***** resort! Its kind of confusing lol.

Aside from the hotel, the town of Eureka Springs was incredible. Small, walkable, and full of culture!!

Food: Alanna and I got into town early in the day. Early enough to enjoy breakfast at The Annex on Mud Street (Like our Market Street here in Frederick). The restaurant had incredible food, awesome vibe and my favorite thing, a self-serve coffee bar. I say yes!!

Later that night, we were able to eat at Local Flavors in downtown. Must say, this was a highly recommended restaurant; even with a wait time of around 30 min, it did not disappoint. The food was incredible.

The second day, we had breakfast at the hotel which was nothing short of awesome! Later in the day, we stopped by a cool little bar to grab some beers and appetizers; just enough to hold us over till dinner. After spending the rest of the day walking around the town, shopping and sight seeing, we headed back to the hotel to freshen up and get ready for dinner. Before getting ready, we headed up to the Sky Bar to grab some drinks to kick the night off! For dinner we headed to Rogues Manor (If you’re looking for an over-the-top dining experience, make sure to put this on the list… a bit pricey but the food was incredible.) The one down fall was we had to scarf the food down which I never like doing when it costs that much lol. The problem was we had our ghost tour at the hotel (the whole reason for going) at 8:15pm… we made it back to the hotel at 8:10pm. Dinner was nearly three hours!!! Slow, but good! The ghost tour was actually more of an informational tour of the hotel and stories of previous run-ins with ghostly spirits!! After the tour (10pm) we headed back to the sky bar to enjoy our last night in town.

The following morning we headed out of Eureka Springs, going our separate ways; Alanna and I ended up in Fayetteville, AR for the night where we had amazing BBQ, sweet tea, and a small tour of the University of Arkansas. #GoRazorbacks

Till next time!!! 😊

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