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Frederick On The Road: Connecticut

Erik and his wife Anna I celebrated their 2nd anniversary in November, so they decided to take a small trip to explore the beautiful state of Connecticut.

Erik in his own words:

We have a dream of traveling to see all 50 states, so having never been to Connecticut with only a two-day window to travel, we thought the 6-hour drive to Connecticut would be worth it! We were able to explore a bunch of cool little towns, such as Mystic and West Hartford, as well as Connecticut’s bigger cities like Hartford and New Haven.


Mystic is a small town situated along the Mystic River. It is one of the oldest, and most significant, seaports along the northeast coast with more than 600 ships built over the span of 135 years. We were able to visit the Mystic Seaport Museum – one of the coolest museums we have ever been to – and see how fishermen and whalers lived their lives 150/200 years ago. The museum is not just a single building, it is the largest maritime museum in the United States. It consists of 60 historic buildings and over 16 ships that have been meticulously preserved since the 1800’s. Every inch of the museum is fascinating and is a must see if you are into nautical history!

Downtown Mystic is quite the vibe as well. Restaurants on the water, local shops lining main street, and beautiful homes by the water – what’s not to love! Strong recommendation for a restaurant would be Red 36, they have fantastic seafood and it is right on the water in the marina.

Mystic was undoubtedly our favorite stop on the trip!


The capital city of Connecticut was a bit underwhelming, but there were two points of interest we wanted to see while in the area. Our first stop in Hartford was the Mark Twain House and Museum. It was fascinating to learn the life of Samuel Clemens (aka Mark Twain) and walk in the same house he once lived in with his family. Our second stop, which is right next door to Mark Twain’s house, was the Harriet Beecher Stowe house. Beecher Stowe is famous for writing the famous novel, Uncle Tom’s Cabin, which depicts the harsh conditions African-American slaves were faced with. Abraham Lincoln was once quoted saying, “So this is the little lady who made this big war”. She was such a huge part in the abolition of slavery, and it was very cool to see the home she lived in for her last 30 years.

While in Hartford, we also did a little sightseeing at the Capitol building and Bushnell park. We were able to go to West Hartford as well, which is a small town just outside Hartford with tons of restaurants and shops. We wrapped up the day by stuffing our faces with Frank Pepe’s Pizza – a must have and classic!

New Haven

Downtown New Haven was awesome. We got to check out the stunning architecture at Yale’s old campus, visit some local shops, and see some waterfront views at Long Wharf Park. We also tried an original hamburger at Louis’ Lunch, which is the birthplace of the hamburger!

Until next time Connecticut!!


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