Frederick On The Road: A Trip Up North to Boston

Our family went on a two week trip to Massachusetts in August for my sister’s wedding. It was a trip that we’ve been anticipating for a long time as her wedding was postponed by one year due to Covid. The trip started with Henry and I driving together an

d Mama and Jack flying(this was a great life hack for folks with babies that desire a peaceful road trip). The road trip was a really great experience for Henry and I and we enjoyed our time together immensely. For the first few days, I went to Killington, VT for my brother-in-law‘s bachelor party. Killington is a really cool town in Vermont. You could imagine the snow covered peaks in the winter and it really appears the town comes alive at that time of year. The summer was a cool time to visit as it was very quiet(off-season). Most people traveling this time of year go for the mountain biking, the fishing, hiking, and to enjoy nature.

The following week highlight was my mom‘s 60th birthday. We took her out on a sailboat on the North Shore of Massachusetts. The North Shore is absolutely beautiful as much of it is “water locked” and there are great views. Importantly, it is much more affordable and less busy than Cape Cod. My family moving to the North Shore about 7 years ago has afforded us an exciting opportunity to explore this part of the state. In fact, Jenn and I plan on buying a second home there eventually so that we can spend more time with the family in the summer!

The last week we spent in Plum Island which is adjacent to Newburyport on the North Shore. Newburyport is an exceptional town and has many similarities to Frederick. There are historic buildings, excellent shops/restaurants and the highlight is certainly the water views. It’s essentially very similar to Frederick minus the water features. Plum Island is a sleepy little town adjacent to Newburyport and sits right on the ocean. We had an amazingly nice beach house and had great quality time with the family. One thing that really stood out to me, is that the owner of the Beach house was a real estate agent. On the information packet when you moved into the rental, she highlighted the benefits of owning a vacation property like this for investment. It’s something that we are thinking a lot about and a vacation home will likely be our next investment property . We also have a lot of friends and clients that have had much success investing in properties in Delaware, Ocean City, and the Outer Banks. If you have thought about potentially buying a second home, we would love to connect you with our great resources in those locations or elsewhere.

A huge thank you to my team is in order for covering for me for these two weeks. This was the first time in seven years where I’ve been fully present on vacation and soak up every minute. Both of my grandparents barely survived Covid last year so the time with them was extremely precious. It was also an incredibly great time to gather with family and watch my sister Corrie marry her husband Phil.

Thank you for reading this and we look forward to sharing our next adventures with you soon!


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