Frederick on the road...

Was so blessed to be able get away with Alanna and travel out to the mid-west! It was our first time in that part of the country and it did not disappoint. The way Alanna and I travel is go go go. From the moment we land to the moment we come home, we have an itinerary for every moment. We do our best not to take these trips for granted and by having a plan for every trip allows us to really live the location!

For this particular trip, we landed around 9:30am in Salt Lake City. Had the most amazing food at Red Iguana and a beer (or two) at Epic Brewery (If you ever find yourself in SLC, these two locations are a must!!!). Wasting no time, we hopped right back in the car and traveled west to Park City, Utah. We've heard awesome things about Park City and it was so easy to tell, this place is a ski and snowboard retreat (I'm not good at either). Hight West Distillery (we didn't just drink this entire trip I promise) for dinner and drinks is a must! The cocktails are fantastic and paired nicely with the food. From PC, we drove north west to Ogden Utah, and this town really reminded me of Frederick (minus the massive mountain in the background). One of the reasons we went there was to try "Pig & a Jelly Jar" for brunch, however upon arrival we also noticed that they shut down their Main St. every Saturday for a farmers market. For comparison, it really reminded me of In The Streets here in Frederick except they do it... EVERY SATURDAY!!! I could live with that. Ogden was has roughly the same population and city size as Frederick. Loved it!! Was the underdog of the trip for sure.

After a great brunch we headed north to Conestoga Ranch (good food and live music) in Garden City, Utah which is right on Bear Lake. Super small town! If you know us, you know we're not camping, so glamping is more our style. That said, Conestoga Ranch had both types of "camping" if you're into that sort of thing. Garden City was cool. I will say it felt lawless to a degree. I couldn't put my finger on it at first and then it hit me.... it felt like I was in the game Grand Theft Auto and I was here for it. The reason I say that is because there was every type of vehicle there on the road. Atv's, Rtv's, lifted trucks, exotic cars, golf carts, boats..... you name it, we saw a lot of it; it was wild!! Cool spot for sure. We stayed one night there, however I think if we planned a bit better, we could have really enjoyed the lake more because it was hot. The next morning, after an awesome breakfast, we headed north into Idaho (which was beautiful btw) and ultimately to the reason for our trip, landing in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

We finally made it!! At this point we had only been gone for 2 days, however it felt like a week! Maybe its because in spite of our tiredness we just pushed through? Not sure and I wasn't complaining. The drive from Alpine to Jackson Hole was stunning. Hour drive on a windy road alongside the Snake River was incredible. I have personally never seen such beauty (okay maybe I have in Scotland but certainly not here in the US). It was nice to stay in one location (Inn on The Creek) for a few nights, using Jackson Hole as a hub to drive to and from other locations was great. I regret to inform everyone that we didn't make it to Yellowstone, however we did make it to The Grand Tetons. Have you ever taken a photo and say to yourself, a photo doesn't do justice...? I said that a lot on this trip. Many photos I took and didn't care to post for that reason. It's hard to capture the size and beauty of the Grand Tetons using an iPhone, however that's how I roll (see below). One of the main reasons for the trip to Jackson Hole was to fly fish in the world famous Snake River. Am I a fisherman? No. Absolutely not. However I can appreciate the experience and allure of fly fishing in something like Snake River. Fly Fishing was so therapeutic and I couldn't have asked for a better experience. Walking in and out of the river, casting the line, no cell phone service, and the loudest thing around was the passing of clear water which was so soothing. One thing that did shock me and maybe it shouldn't have, was how touristy Jackson Hole was. That said, it didn't stop us from having a great time. I truly can't wait to get back out there. Did you know only 3% of the land in Wyoming can be built on? Crazy.

After three amazing nights in Jackson hole it was time to come home. It was nearly a 5 hour drive back from Jackson Hole to SLC and we got back with enough time to eat again at Red Iguana... Yes, it was THAT GOOD!!!!!

Thank You

A Big Thank You to my Dad and Stepmom for encouraging us to get out and explore that area, and gifting us a two night stay at Inn On The Creek in Jackson. Another thank you to my partners at Live Frederick . Sell Frederick Group for taking over and running with things while I was gone. Its truly amazing to be able to step away for a moment and know and trust everything is taken care of. Also a thank you to our Real Estate Brokerage Keller Williams. To be a part of a company that encourages having a career worth having, lives worth living and experiences worth giving. I truly can't wait to bless someone with a trip like this... Everyone should experience the mid-west!! With all of that said.. I am so happy to be home and Living Frederick again...


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