What does “Live Frederick” mean anyways…?

"The Guys” have some extremely exciting news this week!

But before we get to that, what the heck does “Live Frederick” mean after all? It’s a question we have been reflecting on recently. Sure, it's catchy, but what is the meaning behind the words?

The meaning can be found in our mission statement: “The mission of ‘Live Frederick. Sell Frederick’ is to unveil Frederick to the world as an incomparable place to live. We will strive to accomplish this mission by sharing with our clients all that our town has to offer by ‘selling’ Frederick so they may ultimately ‘Live’ Frederick”.

“Living Frederick” does not just mean living in Frederick physically. Frederick is about living in harmony with your neighbors, supporting local businesses, being different, and being emotionally invested in our community.

“The Guys” strive to do this daily by shopping local, eating/drinking local (perhaps too indulgently at times😊), and being invested in our wonderful community thru various avenues.

Many of our past clients and friends are “Living Frederick” even more fervently and passionately than we can imagine! You are a tremendous example and inspiration to us here at ‘Live Frederick. Sell Frederick’.

After much reflection and introspection, it has brought us to the following…drumroll please…The big announcement is: “The Guys” will now be donating $250 of every commission check to the local charity/organization of our client's choice.

What better way to "Live Frederick" than to give back to the town that has given us so much?!

Our first donation will be this week as Drew will be donating $250 to the Frederick Center, an important organization to his clients, the Tuck Family. Cory will donate $250 to The Boys & Girls Club of Frederick County, on behalf of Bailey Family!

Here is a link to the Frederick Center: http://www.thefrederickcenter.org/

Here is a link to Cory’s organization: http://www.bgcfc.org/

We hope this announcement, and more importantly our actions, will inspire all of you to “Live Frederick” a little more fervently and a little more mindfully.

With gratitude,

“The Guys”


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