Showing Expertise... is it Important?


Have you ever thought to yourself, "what the heck should I be looking for when I walk through a home?"

If you have, good for you! That's an extremely beneficial and thoughtful instinct.

All of us have seen HGTV and likely we've all rolled our eyes at the real estate agent telling their client how "cozy" (meaning small) a home is or how "quaint" (tiny) a yard is. In the business, we call this "puffing," and if you find your agent "puffing", buyer beware!

At Live Frederick Sell Frederick, we take pride when we walk through a home, telling you exactly what we see wrong with the home. After all, a beautiful kitchen, a bathroom remodel and tasteful paint colors all speak for themselves. You don't need an agent to tell you the obvious! What you do need is an agent to point out all the potential major expenses in a home, so you know what you are buying before you even have a home inspection.

Let me be clear, you obviously still need a home inspection by a licensed home inspector! But, wouldn't it be nice to not make an offer on a home that was highly likely to fall through during the inspection? After all, an inspection can cost around $350-500, and no one likes to waste money-- especially after becoming emotionally invested in what you think is your future home....

We take immense pride in talking to our clients about the "expected life" of your HVAC, water heater, roof, appliances, and other major expenses in the home. Our clients tend to be amazed at the breadth of our knowledge with home maintenance items and repair costs. This education comes from attending hundreds of home inspections over the years and our experience is in invaluable.

I can't tell you how many times we have talked our clients out of making offers on homes with obvious negative resale implications. Things such as busy roads, power lines and unseemly neighbors can effect your most valuable investment. You should expect your real state agent to be candid and not tell you what you want to hear.

So when you are looking at homes this spring, ask yourself, "does this home meet my search criteria and does this home have any potential major expenses that I am not thinking of or have not seen"?

Let us show you our expertise in person and schedule your next home tour with the LFSF guys.

Still unsure? Send us an email so we can meet in person to chat, or click here to schedule a golf outing with either Cory and/or myself to get to know us better

Happy hunting!!!

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