Don't be demoralized.... WINTERIZE!!!

Burrrrrrr, can you feel your toes? With this tremendous cold we've been having here in Frederick and most of the country, Cory and I are overdue with our winterization and energy saving tips for your homes!

Today, we are sharing our insider real estate tips.

First thing that comes to mind when people talk energy saving is, you guessed it, WINDOWS! When we are showing homes, clients will often comment on windows and immediately talk replacement. At that juncture we typically say, "lets have a window lesson!" You see, window companies are great at "educating" us that replacing windows will save you bundles! In our experience, there are definitely far cheaper and more effective ways to spend your money as folks are often tremendously disappointed by the lack of savings after window replacement.

As a practical example, we are big fans of air sealing your home. This can often be done by a reputable company for less than $1500 which ironically is the cost of about 3-5 windows, depending on cost. Check out this helpful link from the Department of Energy:

Locally, we recommend Atlas Home Energy Solutions for all your home energy needs:

If you do nothing else this winter, please do the following:

1) Winterize your hose bibs--no seriously, winterize your hose bibs!

2) Never turn your heat completely off when you are gone for vacation. This can cause unsightly drywall and plaster cracking and more seriously, frozen pipes. You can turn your heat down to a much lower temperature and turn your main water shut off to the off position when gone for extended periods in the winter.

3) Have your furnace serviced prior to winter--we like bi-annual service plans because it extends the life of your systems and you have guaranteed tune ups before summer and winter. Live Frederick . Sell Frederick recommends Frederick Air:

4) Never use your fireplace until properly inspected as it can be a fire hazard

5) Make sure doors and windows are properly weather-stripped, and attic has sufficient insulation

Finally, its freezing out here ya'll! Go get a cup of joe at Frederick Coffee Co. and remember, the cold is half mental.

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